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Wiz Khalifa

When U Find

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When U Find Letra

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Don't leave cause you're my oxygen
Without you i won't breathe
You're everything i want, need
For you I'll wear my heart on this short sleeve
I know something need changin'
that takes time, i need more, please
say i ain't do everything i coulda done
like the shit i did ain't good enough
your friends said they been with a luf
Ain't do you right so you head to the left
i can't say that i blame you
Never thought it would be this painful
People do it everyday
I can Change too
But dealin' with the heartbreak is what she can't do
True and thats hpow real gets
whatch ya feel ain't easy to deal with

When you find the girl you love has gone
You ask yourself why life must go on
You think alot about what she said
Deep inside you pray He'll bring her back someday
Don't go, how to live my life without you
I just don't know
Whatch ya feel in this relationship
It's not that it can't it just won't grow
I say I love you, you say it don't show
Fuck the money ad the gifts don't count
What about the smaller things you needed
And why the fuck you had to leave before i seen it
Damn I need you your love like a weed stick
Bein' without you is like Kathy no Regis
I kept secrets I couldn't apologize enough times for messin' with that freak bitch
But I can tell you leavin'
Like I said I can't blame you the least bit
Kinds shame is times is changin'
Best friends become strangers
That's how it is