Westwood Letra

Ladies and gentlemen
Please welcome the underground champion of the world
He goes by the name MGK, and his flow is timeless
Uh, I let it breathe a lil bit
Y'all have been sleeping on me so long
I let you get a couple more Zs

Fuck it! Look
It goes K -E double L-S straight from H-E double L-S
In the same league with a double VS
Tim West, can I talk my shit?
Hold up, It goes C to the izz-L, E all Dizz-ay
This is for my people that's working for low pizz-ay
Birthin' 'em in the hood where they jerking 'em
This is dirt cheap living, that's why we're selling soap
Tell them come and get it
Politicians are gimmicks, Obama didn't do shizz-it
Mitt Romney can suck a dizz-ick
You know how the fuck I spit it
You got a problem then spill it
Matter of fact you like Ben Stiller
There's Something About Mary, and when you get balls, zip it!
I speak on what I'm living
I'm my city's mortician
I kill any resident to bring my dreams to fruition
Speaking of fruit, I'm in Heaven
Mixing OG with lemon
On my reverend I was on my airport twenty saggin' my denim
Taking 747's to the UK like Lennon
Tell them to pre-order my album, that shit probably selling
And they're probably yellin', and I probably tellin' you
If you heard a hater get cracked, it was probably his melon
Uh, and if there's smoke, then I'm probably inhalin'
I'm a rock star, they're looking like that's probably Van Halen
Now who's best? Him yes, Tim West
Spin this, back 50 times like Olympian gymnast
Boy I'm a G, I make the queen my mistress
With rhymes so dope, that I failed my piss test
(Uh, hold up, I don't think they got it, lemme reiterate
Tim West, I said, I said)
Who's best? Him yes, Tim West
Spin this, back 50 times like Olympian gymnast
Boy, I'm a G, I make the queen my mistress
And my rhymes so dope, that I failed my piss test
And this just strictly from my teenage mistfits
From low class districts of which I've witnessed
Now here's my wish list: Rolex, Benzes, bottles, bitches
Haters, dismissed!

Uh, uh, now before, alright!
Before we ever do this shit
I'mma just tell that Eminem murdered this shit
Ten times better than a mother fucker like me could ever murder it
But I'mma just pick it as it's knees, mother fucker
And make it hard for him to walk
You know what I'm saying? So fuck it! Look, look!
Watch as I claim my position on this road to perdition
Envisioning my revisions during this brief intermission
Just let it breathe
Uh, my introduction to this game is essential
Never exaggerated publicly, I'm stretching the mental
Keeping it simple, why stop? Let me move with the tempo
Experience the innuendos coming out of my dental
I'm a politician with a beautiful vision
I see my opening, let me make the incision
I'm the newest addition
M-G killa killa Kells
I rock wells spitting that fire from a living hell
Tell me who's real.. Cleveland, what's up?
Cleveland, what's up?...Lace up, check
Now people fear what they don't understand
Well my community comprehends grams, uh
We do what we can, picturing a better living so I'm driven like Benz
Live, learn and keep growing, that's the theory of man
Expose my flows, poetry flowing uncontrollably
I'm the positive exterior while y'all is just a ho in me
Hopefully what? No, I kill with my songs
My weapon of choice is my voice, so I'm strap 'til I'm gone
And I'm gone, Kells
I got more bars than a jail
I got more heat than the sun itself
You would think i was a member of hell
You would think I didn't have any manners
The way I use this beat for myself
And if anyone of you got a problem then lemme call Tim West on the cell and we'll tell you
Kells is the man with the plan
With like one, two iron rings on his hand
And this is for the fans in the stands
That held me down from the start, bitch, and this the end!