Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Wayne Explains His Deal (Feat Dj Drama)

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Wayne Explains His Deal (Feat Dj Drama) Letra

[B.G. talking:]
What's happening?
The Hot Boy$ got some feelings they like to get off they chest
And if these niggaz feel like we feel, then y'all niggaz real
Cause we feel like this here

I feel like niggaz can't fuck with me
I feel like someone wanna be B.G.
I feel Lil' Wayne will burn yo block so quick
I feel Turk will be quiet and take yo shit
I feel Juve will catch you slipping and unload the tech
I feel a big ass helicopter on the set
Sometimes I don't even know how I feel
But I feel if you hating shit goin' get real
I feel like goin' buy me a brand new car
I feel like the neighborhood superstar
I feel like goin' buy me a new rolex
I feel this album goin' bring a big royalty check
I feel this nigga mad cuz I fucked his bitch
I feel like this nigga could just suck my dick
I feel like we taking over the industry fo'' sho
I feel like this bitin'' wannabe soldiers already know
I feel like Fresh is the best at beats
I feel like when you hear this shit you goin' feel like me

[Hook: B.G. and Juvenile]
Nigga fuck you, I feel just like you [x3]

You fucking with the B.G., you fucking with the whole crew

[Young Turk:]
I feel like niggaz trying to size me up
I feel like niggaz trying to bust me up
I feel like