Watch Ya Mouth

Álbum: #2Pac - Mais Tocadas 4 Plays

Watch Ya Mouth Letra

[Verse 1]
You heard it wrong nigga, ain't nothing sweet about my techniques
you checkin' for my breathless quotes I wrote deadly
My history so thoroughly involves destruction
niggaz left with their ass bleedin', lyrical f-cking
Open up, first to bust, let me see your heart
turn the lights down, cause I might clown in the dark
When I check for the Heartz of Men what do we find?
niggaz watchin' for my pockets, planning plots on mine
Am I blind? Let my rhymes speak, for me in history
a legend you define me
Don Makaveli bitch bow down to Death Row
F-ck what you say we untouchable now that we done shook Doc Dre
He ain't made a beat in six years, swear he the shit
Won't get no record sales suckin' Nas dick
Let me get my preach on nigga drop the beat, I get my freak on
The wrong one for you to speak on
Motherf-cker watch ya mouth

[Verse 2]
Look I heard Nas got beef cause I'm dissin' his clique, cool
come bring your ass nigga you can get dissed
I worldwide steady war rappin',
Get your cash on nigga, five times platinum
What's that?
De-La got a problem with this hard shit
ever since