Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Waimore's Blues

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Waimore's Blues Letra

Early one morning it was drizzling rain round the curve came the memphis train
Heard somebody holler, and a million more, the king is dead, but lord he still ain't gone
But he still ain't gone, but he still ain't gone (my God, my God he still ain't gone)

If you wanna get to heaven, gotta d-I-e. You got to put on your coat and your t-I-e
If you wanna catch a rabbit in an l-o-g, you gotta make a commotion like a d-o-g
Like a d-o-g, like a d-o-g (oh yes, just like a d-o-g)

Good lord have mercy, what's the matter with me? What makes me wanna love every woman I see?
I'm rating one another, I'm rating again, everyone I see looks like the place I came in
Looks like the place I came in (hot dog) looks like the place I came in (the place I came in)

Lord I got my name printed on my shirt, I ain't no ordinary dude 'cos I don't have to work
I just got to town and I'm gone again, but it's a different track, but it's the same old train
It's the same old train, it's the same old train (oh God, my God it's the same old train