The Rules Song

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The Rules Song Letra

The Rules Song
From "Monster Detectives"

Tyrone: You must be sneaky now.
Uniqua: I must be sneaky now.
Tyrone: Especially sneaky now.
Uniqua: Especially sneaky now.

Tyrone: You can't have shoes that are squeaky now, lady,
You've got to be quiet, too,
Uniqua: Quiet, too,
Tyrone: Quiet, too.

Rule number one be quiet.
You cannot make a sound.
Make sure your feet land softly,
when they step upon the ground.

Uniqua: Okay I must be quiet.
I will not make a sound.
But what if I must yell or shriek,
or howl like a hound?

Tyrone: You mustn't even make a peep,
or else we will be found!

Uniqua (spoken): So, I have to be sneaky and quiet.
Tyrone: (spoken): If you wanna get your ball back, that's rule number one.
Uniqua (spoken): Well, I can do that!
Tyrone: (spoken): But there's more. There's rule number two.

Tyrone: Pay attention, lady,
'cause here's rule number two:
If you see that monster
do not let it play with you!

If you play with the monster,
lady, you'll be through.
'Cause whoever plays with the monster,
will become a monster, too!

Uniqua: If I play with that monster
I'll be a monster too.
Hey, that might be pretty neat!
It might be fun to do.

Tyrone: No that won't be neat.
It's not what you should do.
So if you see the monster
Do not let it play with you!

Uniqua (spoken): I could really turn into a soccer monster?
Tyrone (spoken): Only if you play soccer with one. So don't. That's rule number two.

Tyrone: We'll creep and sneak and peek around,
'til we find that soccer ball,
Uniqua: Soccer ball,
Both: 'til we find that soccer ball!