Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

The Only Reason

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The Only Reason Letra

Man a Rasta, shata, him oh fire and nobody enter
Them troop shoot them run like them playa's oprah
They know me kingdom, make em scream like em see em opera
They smoke em weed, love em green like em grasshopper
Man ah, drink a bottle of crystal, and baby Ana Baka
But dnt think man slip, hima dreadda... wat the picture wanta
Man a getin money, get tha bread to him bout stoppa
Youngmoney done done fly like em helicopter
U really wanna know wat goes in a nigga fofo
Bulletshot found on the street, I'm yellow dem voko
The president try and take him buy me, blow me bloco
Who? Rastafarian... Juky gat them jump jump (ya ya ya)
Flying uptown and kill tha man wen dey for rumble
Man a murder kid, for they mother, aunty and uncle
Man keeping me eye, in the rope,
We play ay to... if em playa ay to me, then we go up in the done blow

Itz Ana poppin
Don't sulting nobody
No no no stoppin
Boy, ya'll see me jumpin
No no no yackin
No no no yackin
Actin up with a jumpin yah, I'm da loafin 4 rockin
I'm da verse, up in mere factor words
Boy ya'll little, make we shoot you off tha face of the earth
Concerned, oh to mah, look how things turn out
Gang firm out, na their house
Them place gon burn out.
Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya, Gaaang- star
Me no take no charge bout me ready 4 da run star
Oh really, don't be leaky
Ain't no pussies, but them bitches
Ain't no movie, ain't no comics
And no CNN, don't be greedy
You dare not hear this song posted in a CD
No mess with a mercy, less you can't steal it
But be pretty...

And they actin oh body
See the giving where
The only reason why them bogus living
Ain't no way down, please stay down
Let them stay down, put them in a woodbox be laid down...

Pussy ass nigga don't talk to me
I make this bitch bring your heart to me
I'm only 5 '8 and ya'll short to me
And ya'll movement look like a slim path to me
Your girlfriend opens up her pussy to me
And if she gimme brain, she smart to me
Pumpin ass niggas don't bark at me
Itz da big dog, call me Mr. Orca please
Turn your block into a restaurant
Order and leave
What are u havin? Organs please!
And we stay strapped like Jordan's beat
And we in tha sermon like Bread Dithery
Ha... And I'm lockin with Marlon G.
And we f**kin so much, we could hardly breath
This other niggaz flow is hard to leave
And I'm concrete with this Carter 3

Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya ya, Gaaaanng-star
Man a take no child from me, Stop lookin at me and stop

Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya ya, Gaaaanng-star
Man a take no child from me, Stop lookin at me and stop

Yessir, T -street, bang bang back in tha building
They call me streets, so call me streets
If u call on reach, I'm on the streets
And I'm hungry like a dog on unleash
But I'm a tiger, and a dog is a feast
And I see through the fog in the trees
Because the nigga makes a logs and leaves
I walk through the jungle with a lion on my sleeve
I need a money donor, cause I'm dying to resist
I know mama gat her eyes on her seed
Therefore, I never stop, I just proceed
Their eyes make the peace hard to read
But it says,