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Johnny Cash

Tall Men

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Tall Men Letra

She was sittin on a kisstree growing in the ground
And everytime i passed her way she'd throw her kisses down
Well, i know that i ain't handsome i'm bashful as can be
I'm crazy about her kisses but i ain't gonna climb the tree

I ain't no small man
You're the only one for me

But i'm shy around the women i simply disappear
'cause i ride all day and he sleep all night with a horse and a herd of steers
Now they say i ain't human. though i really don't prepare
To go to be with the sixgun on and i never take off my spurs
But i love a tall man i ain't a small man my man
Is all man and the only one for me

One night out on the prairie the moon was shining bright
I put my arms around about her and things were going right
He talk and talk of texas and drawed his texas draw
When the moon went down and the sun came up nobody kissed her at all
But i love a tall man
Well i ain't a small man my man youre the only one for me