Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Take Yo Bitch

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Take Yo Bitch Letra

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You ever jus know that you was finna splack anotha niggas bitch off, like you see a bitch she be wit her nigga an you know she be thinkin to herself like i wish i was wit dat nigga,

yeah, if u at home lettin her go out alone then ima take yo bitch, if she keep jockin me stalkin me errytime she hear my song then ima take yo bitch, she says she gettin tired of fightin an runnin around wit tha same nigga an plus she know i aint no lame nigga,

Yo bitch likes me an i dont know her all up on me at tha show im tryna control her you hatin from a far she tryna get closer sittin wit me at tha bar an tryna be sober no sir, so you come an kick it wit my click ya nigga sumwhere heated screamin thats my bitch um tatted up rich, them bitches understand when you makin money talk erryone know you tha man wit my hollywood hoes, or sumwhere by tha sand fuck ur shit up wit ur nigga tryna fit me in ur plans, tell em ur a fan, now ur at my crib use ta like my music now hes saying fuck young wiz an thats how i live an i wont change for tha world make ya man feel like u gon need a chain for ya girl says she been searchin around for sum change in tha world im doin shit that you not so im lookin like barack to her.