Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Take Kare (Feat. Young Thug)

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Take Kare (Feat. Young Thug) Letra

Boolin' at the basketball game
Dressed in balmain (fresh)
Dropped a hundred on the whole thing
Inside cost a whole thing
And I'ma, give you my all, first my whole name
I'm in her mouth just like colgate
I'm really feelin' super light, aye
Hate me

Like a hate ladies man, like bait
Hop inside a bentley with a red paper plate
Every time they hate I throw them bands like a bouquet
I ain't ray j but you can be my kim k
Feelin' like the flippin' yellow green on[?]
I don't ever believe what lil kim say
Ballin' how you feel, you can jump in my league
Running to my head like a deal in this league
Man, everywhere she go, she ballin'

Yeah she got xans, she like,