Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa


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Spotlight Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
10 steps ahead of these niggas, fool
Thats why they fuck wit me instead of these niggas YEA!
Hahaha, yea, these beat go perfect with my belt
Haha match my diamond (blank) too
Joints rolled up, thats Louis Vuitton
Uh, bad bitches and cold drinks
You know what it is man, taylor gang

(Wiz Khalifa)
No joint roaches in my car
Play the game smart
We gone get this cheese
Don't give police a reason to fuck us off
I'd done seen the ups
Not a stranger to the downs
But for now i smoke demons my loft
Champagne with bitches with foreign names
My homie hit me on the text
He was nothin just to tell me that i got next
And keep it G
I'm in your town frequently
Got the bottle, bring the trees
Watch some movies hit some weed
Yea nigga livin care free
Please Don't blow my fly part in the high nigga tendencies
And duplicate us but the planes but they pretend to be
Through all the bullshit over came still became a g
Clean go slow and sour these smokes
She leave the room, you smell it on her fingers bro
Askin silly questions, bout where you been
Saying you look different
Had the time of her life not to mention
You ain't been this high in a minute
Took ownership over the air
I'm fly, You niggas just trying to visit
yea... Yea bitch

Where ever the paper goes,
I'm goin get it, So momna are you wit it
I gotta know,
We in the spotlight
Never been high as you until you get on my flight
Up in the waaay we go
On my plane, Already know my name
Everywhere that we go,
and that rap the gang everywhere we that we go
Everywhere that we go,

(Wiz Khalifa)
Why you at home at home on twitter trying to hack her page and shit
We smoking and crackin jokes how lame you is, UH
Hotel room right above the water even taught her how they use a joint roller
A type in became from underground like a oiler
Here like I never left that like a spoiler
Get my keys to valet, waiter take my order
Yall been waitin for real niggas to eat the way they oughta
Khalifa, cool as that kush reefer
Good drink that will seat ya
Put you in a sleeper
(lil was on my beeper?) but i see that bread CLEARLY THOUGH
good music is the consequence we legends REALLY THOUGH
minus Kanye, but we got this money in common
we get it day and night
I'm the shit, no bummin
Money talk, no hummin
But the Gps on it, Locate it, im commin
And somethin paper plate it,
get it, decapitate it
(much more after, to lazy.)