Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

So Gone

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So Gone Letra

Shut Up!

Who am I, im doing mine,
Gave me the chance; I'm a Letcha go,
I wanna be more than just sexual,
But every time im so gone,
gone, so
gone, cuz you gone its forever now.

Young Mula Baby,
I'm a blood, I'm a pro, I'm a G,
In a different world outerspace with a freak,
But that don't mean neptune on the beat,
Cause its new jersey devil from black wall street,
Weezy F baby from young money baby,
Like the easter bunny baby wanted my candy,
So I gave her my lollipop then she made her body pop,
Then that made me kinda hot,
I'm lying that made me sauna hot,
But please stop sweatin on me, women scream