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Wiz Khalifa

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Entrar no grupo do telegram
Sh, sh, shut, shut the fuck up!
Hello? Did I get through?
Shut the fuck up guys!
Did I get thr...
Omg I'm on w.e.e.d.!
Yeaa bitch!
Easy rider whats up?!
Taylor gang or die!

We back again y'all
It's ya boy mr. Easy rider
Like I never mothafuckin left
This time we in love with kush and orange juice
That's right
The formula for wake and bake y'all
So get your fruits and vegetables
Roll up that good weed
And ride with me
We gone go straight to the lines
Caller whats ya name and where ya from?
What city you reppin?
How much you love taylor gang or die?

Say dog, it's lil t from across the tracks mayne
Some young nigga tried that kush and orange juice mayne
And yall niggas dont know, that worn a niggas heart mayne
Real shit cuz (ok)
Thats some real shit cuz, you know what I'm sayin

What we gone do
Is we gone roll this thing up
We gone get a big ass lighter
We gone set this shit on fire
Right here on w.e.e.d.