Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Same Damn Tune

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Same Damn Tune Letra

Tunechi, Drama, same time
Can only be Dedication

[Verse 1]
Turn the music up in my headphones
Uh, I'm wildin' out on my skateboard, she ridin' dick like race cars
My blunt longer than spacebars, I'm gettin' higher than quasars
I beg your pardon, I egg your noggin, got Nin up in my glove compartment
I'm so short, yellow bus retarded, my flow hard, these niggas carpet
I'm Tunechi, I do me, smoke doobies, tote uzis
I make that bitch cum 'til she come to a conclusion
I'm ill as an illusion, I got B's like a student
Bitch I am not a human and this dick is therapeutic
She say,