Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Run This Town

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Run This Town Letra

[Lil Wayne]
No celiing,
Ima run this town tonight,

N-gga we are,
so ready for the war,
put the beat in ER,
im colder than B-R,
add another 3 R's,
watch me like D-V-D-V-C-R,
pump to your chest I aint talking about CPR,
riding this track like a muthaf-cking street car,
New Orleans coroner,
his name is Frank Minare,
f-ck with me wrong, you'll be waking up in his yard,
man I go crazy on this beat I go Nimrod,
man I act a ass, treat the beat like a hemorrhoid
man I go to work on the beat, call it employ,
man I kicks it, b-tch get your shin guard,
Uh, young money run this towns, countries,
I still eat rappers, hmm, scrumptious,
my goons tote thumpers,
they pop em like crumpers,
anybody beat, Im gon go archie bonkers,
tunchie be the wildest, lets run the metropolis,
I pop like lollies, you drop like eyelids,
the money keep calling, I hear this sh-t dialling,
and they say money talks you hear my sh-t hauling,
you softer than nalin, oops I meant nylon,
perfection is the goal, and I'm heading to the pylon,
crown fit me good,
I ain't even got to try on,
my pistol mean business, that b-tch should have a tie on,
T told me do this sh-t so I had to do this sh-t,
i get super hero money, call a n-gga super rich,
keep it super fall, while lemme get on my super sh-t,
super ill, super sick,
dog, I get super Vick,
ran into a super women, turned into a super b-tch,
hit her with that super d-ck, she be coming super quick,
super Mills, Mack, Tyga, Streets, Nelly, Super Nick,
super Drizzy, Gudda, Chuckie Twist thats the super clique,
now I'm off that super sh-t,
f-ck that sh-t I super quit,
running circles round a gang like a hula hoop an' sh-t,
your gon have to nuke this sh-t,
that won't be a duplicate,
and my bloods be super thick,
Im higher than a super kick,
I'm the bomb baby, watch me nuke this sh-t,
when I leave the booth, they gotta scoop this sh-t,
my apologies, diabolically,
I'm the prodigy,
do you roger me,
I look in the flames and see the hotter me,
but how come I'm still colder than commonly,
yeah we run this town, like a lot of feet,
Young Mula Baby,
Im proud of me
(proud of me)