Rockabilly Lullabye (rest little mermeid)

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Rockabilly Lullabye (rest little mermeid) Letra

Rest my little darlin'
You've had a busy day
The sun is a fallin',
And it's time for me to say
Hush… Hush…
Hush little mermaid, goodnight.
Hush… Hush little mermaid, sleep tight.
Close your eyes, close your eyes
And lay down your head
In your peaceful ocean bed
Have a snooze, please, like I said
And hush… Hush…
Hush little mermaid, goodnight.
Hush little mermaid, sleep tight
You're feeling kind of sleepy
You're feeling kind of loopy
Your fins are getting floppy
And your eyelids getting droopy
May your dreams be sweet
As you fall into a snooze
Perhaps again we'll meet
But now we have to cruise
So hush… Hush…
Hush, little mermaid, goodnight
Hush…Hush little mermaid, sleep tight
Hush… Hush little mermaid, goodnight
Hush little mermaid
Hush little mermaid, goodnight!