Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Rewind (Ft. Juelz Santana)

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Rewind (Ft. Juelz Santana) Letra

As I sit back, relax shorty head in my lap
in the back of the bentley, gettin head in the back (you know)
and she ain't gotta head full'a naps so im pushin on the head from the back (gimme that, gimme that)
Up and down, down and up
gimme that, laffy taffy came on she gave me head to the snaps like (doon doon *click da doon doon *click)
she made me like the song and she wrong
yeah she bout action bout work
she suck dick like a vacum, suck dirt
i call her the quicker picker upper cuz she quick to pick a nut up quicker then a nigga tell her pick the nut up (ya dig, bitch)
now lemme tell you bout this 6 shot ruger that i keep for you busters if you twitch ill shoot ya
ill buck ya, ill bang ya
ill move ya like a dead car battery, trust me ill boost ya (no car cables)
ill hang ya like a hanger in the closet
no coat on the hanger, just hang ya in the closet
boy i could just leave you where you stand or i could shoot you in the air and then meet you where you land
(lil wayne)
Yea, ice cream hoodie,
Bathin eight tennis shoes,
No time for pictures,
No time for interviews,
Im go and get the money,
Snowstorm or sunny,
Try me and im comin out wit my coat arm wit sumthin,
Noter on da table,
Pay me a daygo,
You cant get the cash then pay me in yayo,
Save me the drama,
Dont go run and snitch
If thats ya mama then ill merk you right in front of that bitch
Im a young money, cash money, univeral soldier
Watch out ms. silvia,
Im kinda afillia (huh),
Im a headach, but they love the pain,
I ask a bitch her name and tell her
Go board the plane,
Im so sure
I know more
Im so more
The wayne.
I know whores
That know whores
Thats always wit some more whores
You old whores
I show whores
I grow whores
I kno whos at da store cuz i go more
I go for it and so for it
Mami say she so board,
Well o boy oh ooo
I leave that pussy so sore
Dats rite no doors,
Bitch get lost n da current how da dow flows
Niggas call maybacks lo los
Nigga got da glock n da chock hold
I wont fold, 2 da cops 2 da po pos, yall hoes
Shout to my stompin ground
Fuck wit them new orlans niggas
Up town up town
Where i rose (yea)
Welcome to the real outdoors
And of course
That chopper dat i told dem split them like a divorce
Then dat spiriutal force
Take em way up north
They say the end is comin
Imma stay up for it
Imma chase that money
You can wait up for it
Imma kick to the snare
Imma boom to the bass
What more can i say
I cant feel my face.
(juelz santana)
Peel up ,
Wheel up,
Brang it bac cum rewind,
Imma dealer dealer,
I brang it bac all da time,
Dat coke dat hard dat crack o god,
U get caught u cant get bac no charge,
Nigga mouth slow linkin air 'em no charge,
Dats free no prob dats g code yall,
So no more slow linkin now he jus got flat,
Flat line laid on his bac flat half time,
In da crib playin ea sprots,
Stay in da streets till da da see they corps, (plus)
Da chickies kno i stay fresh 2 my tippy toes,
Hit da sneakers stores say 2 words give me those
Gimmie those
Gimmie those
Matta fact gimmie those whole three rows,
I hit da sacks like gimmie dat
Gimmie dat
Gimmie dat
Matta fact gimmia dat rack,
Cash laid, tab paid im out,
Im off 2 da vallet,
Were's my car, thank you,
I do better,
Who betta,
You neva,
Abuse chedda,
Playboy, hugh helphner,
Da tune nexter, my dick yes sir,
I buy a car jus because i like da smell of new leather,
Im young, im fly, im black, im rich,
I let my nuts sag, i drag my dick, (ya digg)
Da whores kno i let my balls sag also,
Off they draws go, im all in they torso, (uh)
She can't take da dick,
I tell her put a sock in it bitch take da dick,
Stroke stroke see if she can take da dick,
Now see if she can take da brick,
U on da team now, mean while im in da kitchen,
Doin my daily routines, scale a few thangs,
Cook a few o's, let my bitch bag 'em,
Give 'em 2 my workers, let da strip have dem,
Feins go bezurk from da work im chefin,
Feins go 2 work after da work u sale dem,
They know they gotta buy more,
They head hurt,
They're eyes sore,
You salin dat cheap rock,
Sheet rock, dry wall,
They dont want dat they come bac for more,
But they come bac 2 me,
They dont come bac 2 ya'll,
I be chef,
De chef,
You neva have 2 re-chef,
What i chef, compreda
I be chef,
De chef,
You neva have 2 re-chef,
What i chef, compreda