Álbum: #2Pac - Mais Tocadas 15 Plays

Reincarnation Letra

(Are you scared to die?)
Is reincarnation
(Are you afraid to die?)
Reach the whole nation
Me murderer?
My only fear of death is reincarnation

My only fear of death, is reincarnation
I use my last breath, to reach the whole Nation
How can they call me murderer for my spoken words?
This composition be my prophecy I hope it's heard

Hard words is spoken, many promises broken as if it's
Useless to hope, they got me constantly smoking
My role model was a cold bottle of O.E
Surrounded by my closest homies but nobody knows me
I pray to God it ain't easy
Half the cops in California got a hard on to squeeze me
Running through the backstreets, hopping over fences tryna shake the
Fucking K-9s, running around senseless
I'll probably be a mystery to many, but a legend to some
I've been a man for many women, but a husband for none
In case you see me out in traffic, looking nervous and high
My hands, holding my pistols will they serve us or die?
May God forgive me for my crooked ways, I didn't mean it
Knew I'd fall in love with money the first day that I seen it
Maybe now they can understand, my occupation
It's clear that my only fear of death is reincarnation

I keep my shit on safety
I've been shooting rocks lately
Everybody dies, they nickel plates don't penetrate me
I was suppose' to be the murder first to go
Them niggas missed, grazed my wrist, I took it personal
Kato told me that I was slipping
Got his strap and started tripping
Slipped two clips on the
Table, twist an L and said