Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Real As They Come

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Real As They Come Letra

[Dre - Chorus]
Staring at the mirror looking down into its eyes,
I can see why n-ggas hate ya, I can see why they despise,
dont worry, dont worry,
dont worry, no worries,
real as they come,

[Lil Wayne]
mind right, money right
red flag, red hat,
im alright f-ckin right,
f-ckin right I do it for the money
and if I don't do nothing Imma ball,
i said if I don't do nothing Imma f-ck you want,
if you f-cking with me, who f-cking with me,
f-ck with me and where will I be,
without my heat, yeah out on da street,
and thats apple and eagle b-tch,
haha, and how can I see,
when my E-Y-E's are C-L-O-S-E
R, R, RIP,
yeah, and its MOB til I D-I-E flow DOA's since my DOB,
Mr DRE talk to em,


[Tity Boi]
woke up this morning, feeling all horny,
picked up my pistol, f-cked my opponent,
the roof on this missing(?) the feet are enormous,
they on the same sh-t we switched up the toilets,
I looked in the mirror and I said what's happening?
the mirror said