Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne


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I can't fuck with ho niggas
I can't trust these old niggas
Wake up early in the morning
Eat that pussy like cold pizza
Hater ass niggas be baller blocking
Acting like some goalkeepers
There's a reason for everything
My niggas kill for no reason
Camo shorts, the whole deal
All-black hoodie, I'm the grim reaper
Look like its time for spring cleaning
Brand new spanking street-sweeper
Been in the game, I'm knee-deep
I like good head, I like good reefer
All my niggas strapped and ready
To set it off: Queen Latifah
Got a chopper with a drum
Split swishers with my thumb
Get money like donald trump
Double barrel on that pump
This? Guy ain't no chump
Get stupid and get stomped
Two girls I call Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross'll make you jump
I do what a nigga gotta do
Got goons - I ain't even gotta shoot
Got a bunch of bad bitches by the pool
I like my bitches in twos

Gotta go, I stick it and move
G code: I stick to the rules
Last night I got so high
Swear to God, I went to the moon
I want that shit you can't get no where
You pussy boy, don't do that
If I don't do nothing, I'mma bald
No hair.
Smoking on that