Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Put The Light On Me

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Put The Light On Me Letra

Shining in this bitch, I got them bitches on my swizzag
Swagger on Bruce Lee - kung fu - kickass
Come through in a coupe, make that money hoola-hoop
Triple OG kush, eyes low as Lucy Liu
Got them hoes going crazy like now they goin West
Got that chopper in the car, stashed by the arm rest
Put the light on me, It look right on me
And tell them bitches they can get one night on me
Tunechi be my name.. but you already know that
I already hit it: girl, that pussy throwback
Weezy fucked the world: now how's that for romance?
Weezy go Rocky, Rambo, Conan
Diamond in the rough: light this muthafucka up
Life in the fast lane: bitch, buckle up