Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Promise Freestyle

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Promise Freestyle Letra

Damn She Bad
Damn She Thick
And I Mite Not Know Perfect But Damn She Eat
And She Thick And She Rite
Damn She Nice
You Can Be My Judge Baby..Yeah I'll Do Life
Gimme Life
And I Know That You Be Dancin Till Your Toes Hurt
But I Can Make Your Toes Curl I Can Make Your Soul Jerk
We Can Soul Search
And I Also Got That Street Credit I Got More Work...Than Any Dude...You...Knew
Girl I Am A Blood Su-Ru
I Hear You Want Somebody You Can Call Boo
I Will Change My Name To Boo And Fukk Around And Call You
Now What You Wanna Do?
Because..What Ever That Maybe Baby I Want Do That Too
I Will ??? What You Going Through
And Likk A Pair Of Wet~N~Sticky Vickies Girl I'm On You
Okay Ma The Mood Is So Rite
Light 2 And Take Flight
My Nigga T.I. Is The King I Am The Prince..Your Knight
You Dont Need A Superman..You Just Need A Man Likk Weezy

[Ciara: Sings]