Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Prince Of The City Freestyle

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Prince Of The City Freestyle Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
If you a rat or you a snitch
You shouldn't listen to this
If you aint talking pittsburgh
If you aint mention the prince
Im sick with the spit
You pissed i get chips for this shit
This for my homies that be ot whip full of bricks
Im on another level, dudes gotta catch up to my ride
Im ahead of my time
Im a threat to you guys, why?
I'm still a student, yet im fluent with my rhymes
Still that best of that good shit, professional hood sh-t
Bill gates cake, i wont settle for hood rich
I'm fresh 'cus we dont sound like that other bullsh-t
My team hustle, no days off
And weigh so much salt? that you might have to take a snow day off
You aint coming close to mine, if the cops bring a snitch about you
Me on my worst day is what you pricks amount to
Talk slick like the life we cant get about you
And have dirt on you like i have some sh-t about you
See wiz khalifa's like a teacher i could show you to
A spliff of reefer got me somewhere high up in the mountains
You claim to be s-t-a-r-s
But like your under 21 you cant f-k with my bars
Ask about me the streets think im the youngest in charge
Pimp too, leave the club with a truck full of broads
And if its on then im crushing them all
You n-gas prolly right, when you say that i aint f-king wit' cha' 'yall, dog
I'm on a paper chase, moving unit state to state
So i let the haters hate, got about a cake to make
Money on the mind, moving at a greater pace
Hungry on the grind and i aint eating of a paper plate
I need the finer things, came up on the rhyming game
Now they listening, take his picture in them designer frames
And they come with success some n-gas gotta hate
I see you playin with me, its different, its not a game
I'm moving heavy in the trenches
Best flow, back dow (door)
When i knock any n-ga senseless
I dont do much, smoke about a blunt or two or three
Gonna take more than a few bars to get through to me

Yeah im the prince
Thas what it is man
Show and prove man
Thats the name of the game
Show and prove man