Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Phone Home

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Phone Home Letra

We Are Not The Same i am a Martian 2x
(Greetings from Planet Weezy)
(We will begin Transmission in)

[Hook] 4x
Phone Home

And if you feel like ur the best
then go head do the weezy wee

Phone Home
Phone Home

[Verse 1]
We are not the same i am a martian
and im hotter than summer rain like Carl Thomas
lock load ready to aim at any target
i can get ur brains for a bargain
like i bought it
from target
hiphop is my supermarket
shoppin cart full of fake hip hop artists
im starvin soarin i gotta eat early
and i be back in the mornin


[Verse 2]
We are not the same i am an alien
like gonzalez young college
student who done
jus flipped the game like houston
im use too
promethazine and 2 cups
im screwed up
and ya aint shit if u aint never been screwed up
flow so sick make u wanna throw ya food up
ice water chest and my wrist like a pool cup
2 twin clippers i give ya ass a crew cut
i get brain like crew cuts
ya know wat
ya girl go down fast come up slow
but i never slow up

They don't make em like me nomore
matter fact they never made em like me b4
im rare like mr clean wit hair
no brake lighs on my car-eer
i never had lice and i never had fear
i rap like i done died and gone to heaven i swear
and yere ima bear
like black and white hair
so im polar
and they cant get on my system cuz my system is the solar
i am so far from the othars i mean others
i can eat them for supper get in my spaceship and hover