Peace Letra

Don't y'all get sick of this regular shit?
Just bought me a new outfit to get a little spit on my dick
I was an outcast till I had no money for rent
So I started counting my singles like arithmetics
Then I, stepped up my game like I put my foot on the light
Of the way I wanna get at, told everybody that I had no limit
Fuck privileges we coming out the poorest city
Public subsidized housing, smoke a little weed when they get down some
Money came up short, the crew bouncin
Straight showers in the rough to buy a few mountains
And we, didn't even get over the hill
Didn't even make it through the field
Fuck what anybody throwing at me, I ain't settling for another
And I ain't stopping until I get a meal or until I get a deal
Get it in the streets, they don't need to sweat I got beretta for the heat
Because in the Land there's a dead man
The day I become passive, they all passing me
Actually, naw factually you don't talk, you speak after me
Copied everything I did, let's see if I quit this shit
How are ya'll [?]

Can I get a little peace?
Peace, peace (that's all I ask)
Can I get a little peace?
Can I get a little
Can I get a little peace?

I'm so close to severing ties with these posers
But these posers hold the power to cut off the path to my career like Moses
Choking cause I'm so sick of being overlooked like telescopes
When I never asked for a hand-out but goddamn can I get a rope or something?
To pull me in from the open, ocean that I've been floating
Those sharks circling my boat, I damn near drowned and seize up, hoping
What's with these [?] tryna be both or they just croaking
Wanna be grown, I ain't ever wanna be MGK always coastin'
Flows always been the coldest, wordplay always been the dopest
My bites always been cobras, me and hip-hop go back like togas
Tell my kids I was a motherfuckin soldier from the time that I born
Up until the time that I done grown up, keep my boy from off the corner
I don't wanna have a suit and tie for funerals like I'm joned up
Because peace these days doesn't come in nothing but the forms of bullets and comas
And how am I supposed to live life when I'm so broke but
Used to the lavish life, I pray these days are almost over
Focusing on the road to, success and I'm so close but
Struggle blocking my progress, give me strength for Lo, Jehovah
This night is almost over, its darkest before its dawner
So please heavenly father, can I get a little peace?
Heavenly father please, can I get a little peace?
Peace, peace
To my people in the world, peace