Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

Olympic Platinum

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Olympic Platinum Letra

Olympic dream, olympic dream...
if i could reach to the sky and touch it for my country
get some on my finger and take in its smell
the smell of victory, land of the free, olympic dream, olympic
olympic theme
my olympic dream
my promotion scheme
how hard can it be
how high can i jump
how high can i throw
how high can i run (i'm running very fast)
how long can i hold my breath and stay underwater
and wave my legs around in perfect unison with my partner who
doesn't really understand me
for my olympic dream, my olympic dream
i'll be like dwight stone
i'll be like bruce jenner
i'll be like that girl who trained all her life as a distance
runner and then tripped with a quarter mile to go
but i...i will get up and i will run
i will run with the georgia peach breeze and i...i will win
i will win olympic dream
my olympic dream
the gold's just not good enough
and i don't even think of the bronze
i'm living my life for olympic platinum
olympic dream, my olympic theme
i'll sing like whitney (sing like whitney)