Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Number 16

Álbum: #Wiz Khalifa - Mais Tocadas 3 Plays

Number 16 Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
You know what that is
Just keep going, going, going, going, going, going

Uh, I’ve seen it coming
Yeah, I’ve seen it coming
Do everything for these niggas
They treat you like you did nothing
But fuck that because all of this came from nothing
Now when I pull a buy in on top of my nigga, I'm stuntin’
Smokin’ somethin’, playing my newest shit, and you know it's pumpin’
You ain't used to it, you gonna grow accustomed
Niggas hate me cause they got no progression
All them realest niggas, they know I trust ‘em
And plus, your money’s slow as fuck
I bet soon as I grow up that they gon’ know it’s us
Before I pass, I hit it twice and I hold it
Tryin’ to get my money to the point where I can’t fold it

Going away, going away
Going away (away)
Going away (away)
Going away (away)
(Man, I'm fucked up
Trippin’ niggas)
Away ay ay ay ay ay ay
(Drugs and cash)
I'm lighting another joint

I made it happen, I made it happen
And niggas got mad at me cause I did this shit off of rappin’
Hear what they saying, they need not becuz I'm acting
And now I got my own game nigga and I'm the captain
You know me player, bowling nigga and stacking
All this and with a passion, all cuz I'm bringing racks in
Remember when all them niggas was passed ‘em
But nowadays they call me the main attraction
Some niggas want the power, want respect
Some niggas want the fame, I want the check
I'm in Dubai, wake up, I'm in Tibet
Them niggers had it, man they sort of savage

Going away, going away
Going away (away)
(Come here)
Going away (away)
Going away (away)
Away ay ay ay ay ay ay