Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Nothin' Like The Rest (Feat. French Montana)

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Nothin' Like The Rest (Feat. French Montana) Letra

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[French Montana]
I pull up with your bitch in the Rolls
Don't even get it twisted cause it's already rolled
Ain't nothin' like the resto, you rollin' with the besto
Rollin' up the best smoke, blowin' out the best ho

[Wiz Khalifa]
Doin' a hundred through the desert
Yeah my car come from the past, you could call it a time machine
Cause it's right here in the present
In the game and I got leverage
Ain't the same as none of you niggas
If I was close to you I would be ashamed of you
Get a hundred mill's what I came to do
I guess all this money look lame to you
So I spend it on shoppin', all of this shit that I'm coppin'
Don't even go to the store, my outfit it ain't even droppin'
Pedal to the floor, smokin' in my new SS
Seen a lot of bumps on the road to success
But that ain't stop a nigga from cruisin' up
Pullin' weed out the ashtray, cuttin' the music up
Smokin', chillin'
Used to be underground but now we on top of the building

[French Montana]
Never had a limit, small face spender
Everything was cashed out, I ain't ever rented
Round bag sinner, shawty love a winner
Beat that pussy up, now that pussy [?]
Pull up in the dealer lookin' like a dealer
Yellow nigga, high as shit, five hundred milla
then you gotta step the bill up
Winter time, hoodie on, drop chinchilla
Lookin' like a killer
Used to hit the block, fiends lookin' like thriller
Shooter like Miller, na I mean [?]
Pull up in the Porsche, bad bitch talkin' 'bout 500 horses
Started from the bottom, nigga was a filler
Now you need my name so your show could fill up
Keep my cup fill up, black car the
Nigga small-talkin', tell 'em put a mill up