Nothin But Love

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Nothin But Love Letra

Straight outta Oakland, California where we spark it on ya
Give a shout out to my partners in the darkest corners

I remember drinkin Hennesey, smokin weed
Fantasize about the things we'd grow to be
Had a partner named Snoop, loved to clown a stank

Smoke a pound a day, commenced to down a drank
Shooting craps in the alley til they chased us off
Pour a little for my homies but don't waste it all
Oooohweee, who popped that coochie best?

On my tattooed chest is where the hoochies rest
Having house parties in a crowded spot

And you can tell it's hot, they talk loud a lot
Everybody wanna dance when the slow jam come
Lookin dumb, cause you waitin for your chance to hump

Straight grindin, everybody havin fun
And it's cool til a fool pull a loaded gun
Cause another dude kicked his Bacardi over

He had to act a fool now the party's over
Gun shots rang like it's thunder

And everybody bum rushing and I'm rushing to get a number
Says she got a man but she's lying

Why? I seen her talking to this other guy and..
he's a dealer so you know she gonna sweat him

I ain't trippin I just hope he get em, I got nuttin but love


[singers] Ain't got nuttin but love for ya

[2Pac] I'm down for yours, nuttin but love
(repeat 4X)

I love to go back, to the block I got my game from
Cause uh, old man still drinkin, his breath still stinkin

He'd love to tell ya what he's thinkin
But I can't diss him he's my elder

He been livin here longer what that tell ya?
And little girls playin double dutch

Still blush, cause she don't get in trouble much
It's uhh, ponytails and barrettes

I gotta make it back home, before the sun decides to set
And little boys playin stick ball, quick y'all

Get out the street before they hit y'all
And as I reminisce, I think about my ghetto bliss

And wonder how we came to this
I help an old lady across the street, the cost is free

I can't take what she offers me
And this is how the world could be

This is how the world should be
Feels good to be back on the streets

Cause I know they got love for me, nuttin but love


When I was young I used to want to be a dealer see
Cause the gold and cars they appealed to me

I saw our brothers getting rich slangin crack to folks
And the square's getting big for these sack of dope

Started thinking bout a plan to get paid myself
So I made myself, raised myself

Til the dealer on the block told me,