Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Napkins (Feat. Chevy Woods)

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Napkins (Feat. Chevy Woods) Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
[Chevy Woods]
I need my mother fuckin keys, who the…
Hold on, Bitch you got my keys, Gimme them shits
Oh now I’m ready, start my mother fuckin car
Yeah, spark one up
Big Germ!
I’m getting faded while I drive, got your bitch up in my ride
Smoke up in the car, and its leather all inside
I’m, playin old school pimpin, got yo bitch wit me, bad swag homie and we trippin

[Chevy Woods]
’67 Impala, that’s with a lot of work
My bitch want her hair to blow so I'mma need a verp
It’s never a drought, never in need of the work
I see you pussies from a far in need of a skirt
You know I ride playing old school pimpin
Got your bitch with me homie, oh, that’s why you trippin
Well let me get my luggage that costs bout your budget
She say I can fuck it, start the juice like Nantucket
She doin things for me that she don’t do when you around
Prince of the city two? Bust her down
Alaskan sports yeah that’s cold game
She doin what she doin, I don know her name (haha)
But you say that that’s your girlfriend
Give her tornado got her caught up in my whirlwind
You know I got the juice no bishop though, red cup sip it slow, ho

[Wiz Khalifa]
I be with some hippy niggas, trippy niggas
Always smoking with these niggas
If you got a zone the numbers to my phone then hit me nigga
Flashy niggas leaving rental cars filled up with ashes nigga
Get a joint, roll it, light it, hit it twice and pass it nigga
Famous niggas at the party, smell some weed, the plainest niggas
You be with some smokin on and don’t know what the name is niggas
I be with the gangest niggas, pound of weed, a gang of bitches
Standing on the couch just drinkin out the bottle takin pictures
And my card ain't got no limit and my audemar is sickening ho
I got it so I spend it on the first class flight, but I roll private in a minute
What you want I prolly got it, tryna do I prolly did it
And my gang’s so wit it, You niggas actin like bitches
Emotional, usually smoke one for you haters, but right now, I’m smoking two