Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Nah This Ain't The Remix

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Nah This Ain't The Remix Letra

(gangsta grillz)
Yeah spit'em man
(gangsta grillz)

I get that money
That's my top committment
Yall niggaz just talkin yall politicians
But let me get slick
Real quick like rick
Without the patch on my eye
Take a patch out the sky
Cuz im fly
I say that alot
And ima keep on
Thousand dollar jeans on nigga keep flowin
Keep walkin, piece on
You wont find me in my beach home
Im out ya reach arm
I got a speech for'em, um
Fuck them and whoever know'em, one
Im steppin in roberta's
Wit a nasty ass virgo
She feelin my gangsta
I aint even have to game her
But that came natural
Sorta like magical
I disappear when i dip in the bathroom
But i'll be back soon fuckin wit them
Raccoons, like jackie benson on his
Honeymoon (what up fool)

High spitta in tha builidin
Young money in the arena
Ya catch me wit two bad bitches between us
(gangsta grillz)

I cook good crack in a pot in a pot i pissed in
Yall niggaz just talkin yall politicians
Wit the wind against my back i defend
In the attack
By any man im in infact, ha ha
And its like that
My impact so hard if i die i probably
Bounce right back
I walk around wit a mouse trap
Niggaz wit cheeze dont like rats
And despite that
I been around a few gold fish
Im still a shark out the ocean
I wear tha fuck out the 0 6, 4 sent flo
Left arm so stiff
Yall dont shit about this stuntin business
Im about to teach that to all of my bitches
Back to the business
Give the muthafucka so much coke
He probably have problems wit his kidneys

(jesus christ)

(gangsta grillz)

It's hatas out there but im optimistic, yall niggaz just talkin ya politicians
Im walkin what im talkin and im
Plannin what im sayin and im steppin what im reppin im about what i shout boy
The loudest mouth of the south boy
Im from the dirty dirty
You cant get me out my shop boy
I got a money clip
But like what for
I told hoes that
They cant hold that
I stick it in her back pocket make her butt large
And pull her simple jeans down she like
Fuck drawls
And im like fuck that but she thought i
Was ignorant
Approached her like a gentleman
Her friends tryin to get wit them but
I already been wit them
They all act the same i fucked them all
Man they like synonyms
I like dividends, i might give her them
She the niggaz im wit i might handle them