Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Mr. Postman

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Mr. Postman Letra

I been standin here waitin here mr. postman
So-o-o patiently
For just a card, for just a letter
Sayin is he comin home to me

[lil' wayne:]
Thats right darlin'
Its ya baby baby! (hah)
I got her waitin on me
She lookin kinda fly
She see me walkin' up and she run to the mailbox
She say its feels she's up in a cell block
And i obey her cell lock
Im the:


Just come to make my mail drop
More masculine than him
Im nastier than him
Im passin her and him
In something faster than them
And then he like: damn there go that bastard again
He the:


And she correct him
And i respect her
And he protect her
And she neglect him
And he caress her
And she molest me
He must be weak cuz me, i'm just the


And when her man home,
Im the ghost, man
Why you think she holdin that pillow close man?
Why you think she wont open the bathroom door?
Shes no whore she want more of the


Girlfriend snatcher, i dont care if youre attached,
If thats her, then thats her,
And thats me to smash her,
Now she hanging up her high ass skirt on the


Yeah baby i got that comeback,
I'm at your walls like a thumbtack,
So miss humpback i know what to do with all that,
Fall back, i'll put you in the center


That's big talk for a little guy,
But im walkin without reply,
She got her legs up, she tryin to walk in da sky,
She calling for god, and she callin on i
She said:


I'm like: