Miles Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
I met you through your best friend
I was on the roll and you said
i sing all your favorite songs
my room was in the west inn
drive was even close
be there soon as i drop the t-shirt off
i'll be waiting
this one night special for you
ima make it worth it baby
ima do somethin extra for you, for you
and you dont even gotta do it back
thats a gift
a present
you made this trip excellent
the best it could have ever went
wrestling, lettin all your worries go
feelin like you'll never stress again
hopefully they're can be a us again, us again, us again,
but if not then fuck it then
nah i'm playin, your my die and wish bucket list
thinking about you everytime i'm with my other chick
this o.t? fling
my outta town girl
we don't need bros?
we in our own world