Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Loud Pipes

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Loud Pipes Letra

(Big Tymers)
Mannie: Wha, Wha, Yea.. Yea..
Baby: Without a doubt...
Mannie: All true...
Baby: Say it.. I mean, since you love to shine...
(Big Tymers... Fresh..) (Tymers...)
Mannie: Yea, Yea, Yea...
Baby: (Big Diamonds... Big Tymers...)
Mannie: Yea, Yea...

Mannie (of Big Tymers):
I put 'Cris stains on private planes, cause it's my jet,
Nigga, money ain't shit cause my rottweilers drink 'Moet.
Diamond baugette bracelets.. for my lovers...
Playa, I use 'Cristal to lubricate rubbers...
Who got, shit on his wrist that cost three nickel?
Who got, the project on lock when that nigga slangin' pickle?
Who got a, benz, a prowler--playboy--and a 'Vette..
Tell the truth, who fucked ya' on the same night when we met?
Now, who got baby mama's from N.O. to New York?
Who got, every bitch attention in this muthafucka' when hetalk?
Now who the fuck we talkin bout, look--Ya'll don't know?
I'll give you a hint... See that bitch you with? He fucked thatho.
Now look here, ya'll aint seen my watch? It's like Harlem Worldvideo,
White diamonds, red rubies, blue baugettes, I dont know..
Shorty, whens the next time Im'a be up in your bed,
I love you? You love me? Well go head on, and give me somehead...

Juvenile: (Chorus 2x)
Loud pipes, Big rims,
Whodi, that's our life..
When we pull up at the club,
Sorry, that's our night..
I know a lot of haters out there,
Sayin, that that's not right..
But our diamonds are much bigger,
So, that's our life..

Baby (of Big Tymers): No doubt, Juve'! Lah-lah...
I told Sol,