Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

Letter To The Dead

Álbum: #Pearl Jam - Mais Tocadas 5 Plays

Letter To The Dead Letra

Every photograph is peeling
the colors turn to gray, this day
there is always memories for days, these days
an undertow of futures laid to waste, embraced
by the loss of one he could not replace

and there's no reason that she'd pass
and there is no god with the plan, it's sad
and his holiness is proof, it's said
he could only know how you have sinned

the world swings through a passing fable
a fate we made a way, we say
holding on, live within our own ways
he lit a match, he laid in bed
hoping their dreams will bring her back, it's sad
and his holiness is proof, they said
he could only love you, it's said

oh in his last breath, believing
he'll make his way
if she's not forgotten
he's haunted
he's searching for escape

if just one wish could bring her back, it's sent
and his holiness is proof, it's said