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Wiz Khalifa

Know Your Name

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Know Your Name Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
Um, it's hardly a secret
You aint gon stop tryna get where you going until you reach it
Always had them bars back in the day
When the same ones running up on you wasn't speaking
Look at all your achievements
You work hard so it'd be kinda hard not to believe that
You party every weekend (weekend)
F-ck em all who act like they aint see it then
All them nights on the plane
Buses n-gga too, had to charge it to the game
Always wanted stardom n the fame
Learn to out smart em
And now it aint no stopping the champagne from poppin'
The draws from droppin'
Us seeing muscle cars and coppin' em
Started off just a little less popular

Now you got a new place
You drive a new car
You smile for cameras than life like a superstar
Don't care what they say
You reach for the stars
Got everything you always dreamed or thought about
And everyone knows who you are

Never gets boring
And haters in your face you just ignore 'em
Don't know what they talking sh-t for
Seems n-ggas get there's you just tryna get yours
Therefore, you left all the people you care for
Hopped on a plane and got airborn
Seen all the bullsh-t and fell for it
But it's all good now
Cause the same ones that talk sh-t telling everyone you made it
Then you start seein' hoes you dated
Then thoughts started getting jaded
Now your life's sort of different aint it
(?) scars what your paint is
But was it all worth, it's just painless
Say you wanna be famous


Are, are, are, are, are, are, are,
Are, are, are, are, are, are, are,
Who you are
Are, are, are, are, are, are, are,
Are, are, are, are, are, are, are
Who you are

Always knew i was this good
But never knew i'd be this good
Them n-ggas just startin' i've been doing it
Hear em talk but they aint living my life
In the dark tryna get in my life
But chances i don't 'em, dodge twice
Spendin' grands for hoes, this is the high life
And for the camera's posing this the high life
Bottles raising for my n-ggas not here
I pour out a couple sips
Blew em on the beach, i smoke for you on my trips
Them days i was younger i knew this life was the sh-t
But never like this
It's so amazing, we aint gotta duck shots
We just pour and chase 'em
Aint worry bout it, cause they gon hate
Know where i'm going, look where i came from.