Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Kleenex (Feat. Kev Da Hustla)

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Kleenex (Feat. Kev Da Hustla) Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
Money bitch, Money bitch, Money bitch

Boy I got money, money, money
I got mo money
Ever run out of guap, I get more money
Don't gotta think, I just know money
Kleenex paper, all I blow is money
I got money, money, money
I got mo money
Another couple grand, are fo sho money
Gettin rubba band on the low money
Niggas hate but all the hoes wanna fuck me
I got money

I got mo' money
Blow it by the O money
Mix tapes, over a hundred thousand sold money
Young, but I been getting cake so I got old money
You niggas trickin on your bitch, so that's your hoes money
And I aint playin picturin niggas sayin he stole from me (picture that)
I got put it on your head, and get your gon money
Marathon long money
You niggas weak, I got Barry Bonds strong money
Top 8 tall money
Beyonce song, um Ring the Alarm money
I spend so much on ink, even my arms money
I talk money, to broke niggas, I talk funny
No breaks so the haters cant stop money
Now that's a lot of money, too much to think to count
That check card money, my bars is bank accounts
A month I make about, hmmmm….shit, I wont even say, just know im getting paid.


Money in my shoe box, that's my pot of spinach
Tall money, small money, like a fuckin mission (ok)
I got mo' money (yea), show money (yea)
Money by my tube socks call it dro money
Dro money, kush cash (what's that?)
O money so I blow it out a big bag
Mall paper, 10 bags
Get it roller coaster fast (what's that?) 6 flags
How that money come? Like a track meet
Alley money boy, get in on a backstreet
Time to re-up, my blood call, said he online cop before he log off
I get straight cash, that's bank shit
Dumb monkey money, I call it ape shit
Space shit, alien green
Get it when its hot, West Coast money
Knadda mean?