Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

I'm Gonna Ride

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I'm Gonna Ride Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
See a nigga well known for switching states
Macking broads, getting cake
Glock and mad, cock and blast
Thrown a bitch nigga for a quick escape
I move with dudes that be dishing weight
Smooth with the uz that will hit your face
Came in the game and I'm changing the game
With a flow that will run around the crews that hate
This guy is a pimp and you know his fam
I don't hold the grams, I'm a colder man

And I do it for the youngers and the older fans
Niggas whippin in the kitchen just to hold their grams
I don't play around, lay em down
For the lil' homie wanna' play the clown
I'm casing pounds, spraying rounds
Follow the leader cause it's going down
Money in the rubber band slangin' crack rock
Try and find the man in the flat top
Ask anyone in the streets
Everyone around knows wiz a beast

And I'm killing the beef you can chill in the team
Pull the steel and release, I’m up in your brain
You bet on me taking the loss, you better be upping your change
See this guy here is a nuisance, you talk fire and you can't prove it
You just lie up in your music, send my guys to come and shoot shit
Duke I ride and this is true as you would die if niggas pulling
I don't know what you fucking see
When you know as well you've been fucking me

I'm on the move so if you get in my way then
I'm a ride ride till I die and it should be no suprise
We paper chasing man, messing with my cake or fam
Imm ride ride till they die fuck us try
I'm gonna ride for me ride for me
Die for me die for me
Bust your 45 for me, face the judge and lie for me
Ride for me ride for me
Die for me die for me
Bust your 45 for me, face the judge and lie for me

P. I. T. T. S. B. U. R. G. H. Represent to the fullest
And I'm putting cowards back into place when I'm rapping the taste
Yeah crack in the place, laugh in your face
Lay up and chill after you safe that's a mistake
Cause I'm moving with a gang of ill guys looking like
The last of the day but why you say
Cause my nigga I could die today lock down
And never see the light of day
Kidnapped trapped in a hide away

So I never get the cat to ride away fire inside of
May the kid move with da fools that try to take
The game back to the rhyming days payback
For the fact that your guys a fake and I can't even believe
You can spit shit to the people like it
Chips and just leaves you with kids, that leaves
You see through you pricks, hand my shit an overdose
So you wrote and sold some coke, move some crack
How true is that. Front on my cats and you'll lose shit back

Haters get stacks when I'm through with rap
And I'm filling my tracks with truth and fact
Kill em on wax and I'm moving cats
When they crew in all black yeah I'm doing that
I gotta flavor that will flow and taste
And I'm doing it till I'm blue in the face
I'm thinking bigger then any nigga that think
He cool in the place which gives me reason
To but a tool to his waist.