Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

I'm A Mothafuckin Menace

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I'm A Mothafuckin Menace Letra

Who?Weezy baby
Baby im crazy yeah
Makin a statement feel these phrases
Yeah yeah
Okay we rockin like a mother fuckin party in a crackhouse
Kicthen when its finished ima pitch it im a mother fuckin chemist im a mother fuckin menace
I'm a mother fuckin dentist
Knock your teeth out fuck nigga
Quarter back run it through but nigga
Yhe hamburgeris tough nigga
You lunch nigga
You get the double delux nigga
Thank you very much nigga
Turn a nigga head to mush
That uzi turn your body to a smoothie slush
Dem pussies aint fuckin wit us
Dem niggas just fuckin it up
But im layed back, back of the club
Tuss in tha cup, tuss in tha blunt
Gun in tha gut, stunt if ya want
Play if you may
Try if you like to fly
I put wings on you
An shoot you out tha sky
Niggas scared of money see the chrome outside
Do tha homicide got the chrome-inside
Known to ride bonafide on the rise
That corner my Eagle street all the time
An bitch niggas dont apply
Naw playa call youself a tiremark
Make a nigga driveway up, sidewalk
Youll make the concrete red
Blood bath turn the grass to a water bed(Splash!)
Harder head make a soft vest my father said
Short life fastermoney sound like hunny(Sweet!)
I made it past twenty, im an old man
A dead man walkin, kill me if ya can
Damn, but you the president man
Well i guess im a dead president man ha-ha!
Yeah im just money baby trust me
Bet on me go wit me
Man the chances lookin chubby(What we do?)
An we dancin on ya grave boy
2-step juke juke im a made boy
No im a made man
I give em heead nods i dont shake hands
Don't take it personal its part of my position
I fell all police is pussies, baby send me my petition
Fuck em!(Whatchu think?)
Yeah thats what i said an double fuck the FEDs
Now whats trouble to a troubled child?
Nothing. whats murder to a murdera a thing.
Get it? it aint nothin but a thing
Errbody gotta lose this aint nothin but a game
Yeah an this aint nothin but them real verses
An if you listenin to this then keep it real person
I got kicked but im still lurkin still search got a fetish for desert
Squirt up the middle like a jelly doughnut
Off my back wit my pump make his belly gross up
Im right handed
His right side swoll up no homo
But my dick couldnt fill his hole up
Niggas hold up.
Tell them niggas wait
Man get off my dick just ask your bitch
Niggas hold up tell them bitches wait
The best rapper alive yeah now what you say?