Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

I Know The Future

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I Know The Future Letra

Young money mothafucka
Thats right
Now dont you kno?
Im a beast
Up in that beat

[verse 1:]
Stroght from the bottem of the cut
I give it to these bitch niggas like mommy taught me
One man with no weapon at war but im an army
My flow is capital attention lieutenant your penit pension
And they demolished that invention
You better get you dollars up
And guess what i was up
I get my cheese like mickey mouse
Or else you get a donald duck like a shooting range target
I get all kinds of bucks be my shooting range target
Nigga i got good luck nigga bye bye good luck
Got your momma shook up
Lil bad ass nigga who thought poppa wasnt tough
Im on that lala twist it up
Im on that syrup slow it down
And i like four freaks too and i aint jong joc but it goin down
I buy a marijuana field then i smoke it down
Big bad wolf yes i just blow it down
No homo and to hollygrove i will hold it down
Like a circle of knives i just i got the sharpest flow around
The future

I know(the future) [x7]
I know they cant fuck with me cuz i cant fuck wit my damn self
I know(the future) [x7]
I know they cant fuck with me cuz i cant fuck wit my damn self

[verse 2: mack mane]
... is is mack mane
I got the hart of a king the blood of a slave
Feel like i did it before the second time to the grave
But it one life to live thats why im getting paid
Off a flow that priceless i just got it appraised
Spit like i need a raise
Blaze as i gaze
At the stars and ask the lord
Why the culprits at the mall pimp
It make me sick to my stomic
Thats why i rap
Like a pregnant woman i dont spit i vomit
So pay homage me and wayne to g's
Like 20 hundreds and we keep the semis blunted
And we live like brothers from another
So fuck with him and mack gon react like you did me somethin
Thats a hint to you david throwin shots at goliath
This the new testament where the victor is the giant
So you should get the weight and lose you hate
Remember males shouldn't be jelious thats a female trait
(the future)