The Living Tombstone

The Living Tombstone

I Don't Know What Sex Is (remix) [Blue Version]

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I Don't Know What Sex Is (remix) [Blue Version] Letra

I wanna put my mouth on your mouth
I wanna put my hand in your hand
I wanna touch my cheek to your cheek
I wanna. I wanna wanna
I wanna touch my lips to your face
I wanna stroke my hand along your body
I wanna smell your hair on your head
I just wanna be a little bit naughty
Baby I will start it up if you will teach me where to go
I’m lost in this moment cuz I gotta know-oh
Cuz I don’t know what sex is. So girl show me the way
I don’t know what the rules are, but I’m still try’na play
So if you take my heart with your heart
Touch my part with your part
I’m try’na hear your body talk but I don’t have a clue
I wanna do no-no to you

I wanna put my face on your knee
I wanna put my nose? On your elbow
I wanna put my foot on your other elbow
I wanna, I think I wanna?
If I lick your hair, is that sex?
If I call you dave, is that foreplay?
If I wear a hat, is that kinky?
If I wear clogs- I think that’s Norway
If you could be specific that would really help me out
I wanna know what Rick James sings about!
Cuz I don’t know what sex is, I got no fucking clue
For all I know it right now I’m doing sex to you
So let me put my noun on your noun
We can verb and break it down
I’m feeling very adjective so tell me what to write
I wanna fill your blanks tonight
Tell me what sex is (please! )
I don’t know how to talk to human girls
I don’t know what’s cool and what’s obscene
Cuz I was raised by wolverines
The mighty Wolverines
The mighty Wolverines!

Soldier of the forest it’s a wolverine!
Carnivorous mammal it’s a wolverine!
Fuckin’ up a vole it’s a wolverine!
Livin’ in a hole it’s a wolverine!
The mighty Wolverines!
High ground speed​ 28 miles an hour! ​
Largest species of the weasel it’s a wolverine!
Potent anal scent glands on the wolverine!
Leader of the X Men it’s the Wolverine!
The mighty Wolverines!
Habitat’s extreme​ ​North America, Russia, and France

The habitat is under attack, they don’t have a home
If you and me start fighting back, the wolverines will roam
Wolverines, Wolverines
I don’t know what sex is! I swear I did my best
I can give it a shot after we both get undressed
I can put my hand on your boob, put my mouth on your neck
Put my penis in your (oh, my God! )
Now I know what sex is! I found the nearest hole (this is sex!)
An obvious location for me to stick my pole (I’m having sex!)
I put it in, take it out, put it in-
Now I’m done
I’m so glad that you said yes when I asked you to the prom
I can’t wait to tell my mom