Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

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young mullah baby
young mullah baby

She sayin
do you have the time,
to listen to me whine?
She askin
Whos on the other line?
You diss me everytime.
I tell em
baby im a star
Im above a star
and now
I done got so high
I did forgotten
who you are (are,are)

oh oh oeh oh oh eh eh
woah ah ah
oh oh oeh oh oh eh eh

Im in love with you
But I cant be with you
Ill be back up on the first flight
right up out of town.

young mullah baby

Hop back in my Spaceship
Girl I gotta drop your ass off
(oh oh eh eh)
Last night
ya we were spaced girl,
you love it
Girl I gotta take off
(oh oh eh eh)
Cause imma be here next week
So call your company
& take off

oh oh oeh oh oh eh

Cause she say