Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne


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Help Letra

[chorus: x2]
I need somebody
No just anybody
U kno i need someone

So sick need a doc yes
A creature monster like the lockness
I gets hotter by the top when i sizzle to death
I just tell the clock give me a sec
In the middle with the wall where my enemy at
Imma running this shyt like eric be enemy back
Cause everytime i hit a track im like a energy pack
The instrumential cryin out
Where the sympothy at!!!!!!!
I attack before u begin 2 react
Im from the dirt where the beetles and john leenen be at
And now these niggas lookin yellow like the penalty flag
Its weezy baby with this hustle til infinity [?]
Like somebody let the dog out the kinnle and ran
Who ever did it was a very smart woman or man
Cause im comming like the stomp of every marchin band
I need yawl 2 arch ya hands
And pray 4 me
I need