Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Hello World

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Hello World Letra

Unn Hello world im ur muthaf***** troublemaker
hello world im ur muthaf***** troublemaker
i aint a peacemaker, im the peacetaker
im very destructive, watch me break ya
Yea, i love to smell that blood, bi***
Call me the devil what the hell that wuz
yea and u can call me young money streets
and you can see me for all the young money beef
im the troublemaker
call me mr. kill em all
bitch nigga dont get involved
shoot you on the front porch
and knock ya to the back yard
knock ya fuckin back off
knock ya top rack off
you just see jill on the hill, i nocked jack off
bi this aint nursery
this is brain surgery
skee mask on ma bullets
let em commit brain burglery
eeemergency, its an emergency

someone in all black left the whole scene burgundy
kamikaze you can try me ima shoot ya
when the gun in this position you can call it Kama sutra
ima cock and do it like a mothafuckin roosta
you puussy boi im ya muthafucking doucha
haha, better run like bobby boucha
its weezy baby its time to induce ya
You think you really safe in here
Stand up we about to take it there
And when we do we come for you to take your body
where nobody else with eyes can see
And i tol em dont start no sh** won't be no sh**
Dont start no sh** won't be no sh**
Dont start no sh** wont be no sh**
Dont start no sh** wont be no sh**
hello world im ur muthafu**** troublemaker
i come in ya office you playin wit my fuc*** paper
i flip ya desk rip ya neck strong arm