Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Grove St. Party

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Grove St. Party Letra

[Intro - Lil Wayne]
[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
I got a whole lot of money
Pop that pussy for me
My homie got that yopper
He'll bang it at a copper, ay
Gangsta party, gangsta party, gangsta party
Stove on my waist
Cook your ass up, gourmet
All-black .44, do you want foreplay?
I'm going at your face like Oil of Olay
No champagne, but you know my flag rose
Swagger on steroids, Canseco, Jose
No Limit Records, we so 'bout it, 'bout it
I'm higher than a bitch
Feel like I climbed a fucking mountain
Illest nigga you know, my accountants still counting
Shots hit him a minute ago, but his body's still bouncing
Beam on the hammer, beam on your forehead
Gotta kill the witnesses cause Birdman car red
Hollygrove monster, Eagle Street creature
Come to your funeral, kill everybody but the preacher
I live in Miami nigga, I'll South Beach ya
Robin Leach, uh that's how we ballin'
You know that I'm loaded but please don't thing its sweeter
Beat one of you bitch niggas up like John Cena
Them hoes on Young Money, tell them hoes we coming
Boy we get it popping, we ain't saving hoes, we swapping, yeahh
Gangsta party, gangsta party, gangsta party
Big head Desert Eagle, call it Sade
I just get that money, Stunna taught me that
The zan took me under, patron brought me back
I'm leaning on these motherfuckers like I caught a flat
And that Glock snap back like a old Starter hat, haa
What the lick read? I'm in the big league
I'm a breath of fresh air, let the bitch breathe
I'm trying to chillax, but I had to do it Dev
I'm at the funeral like: