Got 2 Survive

Álbum: #2Pac - Mais Tocadas 2 Plays

Got 2 Survive Letra

Today we're gonna do something scary
We're venturing into the mind of young black males
Let's take a peak...

[ Young Lay ]
Cuddies perved by the corner, stout, herb
Got me twisted, mo' cold killin murders
Them brothers gettin further
Got my pencil for utensil, this'll keep they mind knownin
Spot some thugs at the club, and they got the nines showin
Dirty pimpin g's, one of my dreams, player now listen
Lotta blacks locked down, but comin back around in '96
All the gals my six (what else?) my track crew and my mother
Make these police wonder: how is he so undercover?
Never been a lover, but America had broke my heart
I was told to tear up out this before this tear me apart
Eat through scrap, black tracks, free milk and cheese
While the Japs stack scratch with the Vietnamese
But I'm finna squeeze, stack cheese they left on a trap
A young playa mack, hit the bud', spit a rap
It's just that feelin, that feelin that I have for children
Are able to love us, but these crazy devils try to kill us