Getting Money

Álbum: #2Pac - Mais Tocadas 2 Plays

Getting Money Letra

Get Money Nigga
Dedicate this one to all the Hustlas
That get up every morning and put there work in

I see You Boy

I'm up before the sunrise, first to hit the block.
Little bad mothafucka with a pocket full of rocks.
And I'm totin' these thangs, get my skinny little ass kicked.
And niggas laugh, til' tha first mothafucka got blasted.
I put the nigga in his casket,
Now they coverin' the bastard in plastic.
I smoke blunts on a regular fuck when it counts.
I'm tryin' to make a million dollars outta quarter ounce.
And get ghost on the five-o, fuck them hos.
Got a 45 screamin' of survival.
Hey nigga can I lay low, cook some yay-yo.