Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly

FunkMaster Flex Freestyle

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FunkMaster Flex Freestyle Letra

Look, when you mentioning Cole
Why ain't you mentioning Kells?
And when you talking 'bout greats, better put me up there with Drake
And when they mentioning lyrics I hear 'em talking 'bout Kendrick
But next time put my name it it before you finish that sentence, Fool

Kid Kells Boy lemme get my 2's in
The game open they doors for me
Boy tell me who let you in
And a crack between the walls so small you couldn't even fit your boots in
Dump heat whenever I speak
MC's 6 feet deep underneath all them tulips
Now he shootin', shootin'

[Cough, Cough]
MGK Man he
[Cough, Cough]
Flow sick and I just
[Cough, Cough]
Epidemic in the street
[Cough, Cough]
Suck on my dick n' you will
[Cough, Cough]
Smoke a little weed and get
[Cough, Cough]
Higher than a motherfucker
'til somebody holler my name out in the street like
(Machine Gun Sound)

Okay, I meet him, greet him
Get his girl, leave him
Guts, I beat them
Booties, I keep them
Another set of PO, cups to pee in
I'm in England spending Euros treatin'
So instead of white, im European
Rap like crack now, you're ODin'
Come at me with any drama, my family ties
Will fold you up like an accordion
And according to the crack in the sidewalk
Most these rappers bitches
Breaking down my doors with beef
I will rip you, rip you off your hinges
Quit pretending you pretentious
Or vicious, then come get at me
Red dots all over your face like acne
(Machine Gun Noise)

Look, they be sayin' best rapper alive, Who?
Kells who you oughta know
I chop these other rappers down they fallin' like Geronimo
Holla though, Haters n' the foes need to stop it
I will hit that bitch, pass her 'round the room like a bop-it
Back to the topic, and in case you forgot it
I was all about my dick, and how you haters jock it
F him, F him, She's ight, F You
And if you forgot procedure lemme show you what to do
Make sure you keep four fingers down, keep one up
Say if you ain't talking about more money please shut up
Me, I'm on the come up, I don't know what you 'bout
One million, two million, let me know how you count
And I'm nominated as youngin' of the year
Red Rover, Red Rover, bring that money over here
And steer, and make sure I remain in my lane
But that's symbolic cause I'm really on a plane
Look, and I Red Rover, that's ironic, because I don't play no games
I don't pass or rock like J
I ain't messing with you lames
Hold on, uh
Said I don't pass or rock like J
Cause I ain't with you dames

Excuse my back trick, need no practice
Cause I spit crack like Nino rapped this
And I'm a star in the galactic
Being forward with the kid the wrong way
Or get your head spun backwards
Open cans of whoop-ass like I unpacked it
I've been patient all week and now I feast on savage
And eat each haters heads up like cabbage
To eternally bind them in my stomach like marriage
This fairy needs medical, call up the horse and carriage
We don't, dig this, grab a shovel get buried
If I don't get my respect i will, cut your family
Cut you mother, Cut your sister, more importantly your daddy
Should run up but he ain't half the man
You bitches this is literal lyrical combat, get stitches
Me and Flex, Kells is the next, artist in the game

When you mentioning Kells
I know you mentioning Kells
When you talking about the greats I know you put me up there with Drake
And when you talkin''bout lyrics I heard you mentioning Kendrick
But next time put my name in it before you finish that sentence

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