Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly

Funk Flex Freestyle (part II)

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Funk Flex Freestyle (part II) Letra

Yeah Yeah Part II
Shout out Flex
Shout out Puff
Ay Ay
Young Gunner
Alright Flex

Where were you when I was down
I got questions
Now, it's all these hoes in the lounge at the western
I just meet somebody’s parents, left a bad impression
They smelled a package that I just picked up from the reception
Hey, fuck em
I'm stressing, I don’t learn my lesson
Customs locked me down in LAX for coke possession
Just had a publicist that left, said I was too aggressive
Then, had a Ex that couldn’t stand me 'cause I'm not possessive
I just want to say
I ditched the VMA's and went back up the way
From the ghetto to a rock God, hit 'em up like 'Pac
Let's just keep it G
Only eazy I fuck with is e
I seen he dyed his hair and got a hanging earring
I fucked his girl, now he look like me, this shit overbearing
How dare him
I dare him
Don’t think about comparing
Man turn that frat rap off, I’m getting sick of hearing
I’m in LA, at my Spot, right next door to Terrance
I’m knocking on the door next time I see Kanye’s McLaren
Like, I need beats (ay)
Like, hook me up with Kendall
Man, all the masters out in Calabasas got me mental
Bitch, I’m a dog
Yeah, I came up out the kennel
Wear that teardrop on partner, Ryan, cuz he’s sentimental
I told you
I told you that I’m coming (yeah)
They should've left me doing Pop, y’all don’t want me gunning
My daughter's with me, ain’t no school yet, it’s the end of summer
So close your ears, your daddy’s bout to kill these motherfuckers
Lyrically, I’m 6 feet
I’m 23 MJ on the beat
I’m stronger, faster by design
I’m a Lambo, you’re a Nissan
I’m the big bad wolf, no peace sign
Gonna give these fans their tea time
I would their man’s he’d be fine, but then I’d be lying
I’m mobbing in that all-black Range
With a long list of names, duct taped, y’all ain't safe (ugh)
Clinically, I’m insane
Industry is full of lames
Gone when the cops came (ugh)
Paper planes (ugh)
Sugar Cane (ugh)
To the brain, bottle drained, I’m the pain (ugh)
I’m just saying (ugh)
I’m ashamed (ugh)
I paved this lane and they don’t even say my name
Yeah, I’m white
Yeah, I’m Rock ’n’ Roll
Yeah, I got soul
Yeah, my daughters black
Yeah, I love to rap
Yeah, I’m fighting back
Yeah, I hate the fame, wish I had a mask
Yeah, I got pulled over with my stylist, had no license, and a strap
Plead the fifth, that ain’t Saks (ay)
Speak some facts (ay)
All you dummies love money, do some math
Seven digits in my 20’s (yah)
A misfit, fuck the critics, everyone of yah
I used to burn a Fader magazine in public (yah)
Just 'cause one journalist, a hater, and a sucker (yah)
High school reunion on my calendar, you know I’m ready
I’m leaving tour just to show up, you now I’m fucking petty
I ain’t forget none of you pussies and the rest of y’all been playing too long
Let's take it back to Vegas on my 22nd at the Palms
Got a call, my life was being threatened by a Pimp
He ain’t know I’m the room with 20 goons and J. Prince
Now, I’m pissed
Y’all done made me talk my shit
I was chilling, now I’m back to being a villain in this bitch
2012 came to Flex now this is Part 2
Fuck with me and Part 3 might be about you