Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

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Let's do this

This is funky

ATL baby is where i reside
I'm a young withe raper and i don't get high.
teenage girls is waht i really like.
And i'm steel young boy, but i'm steel so fly.
Oh, Lets go.

Yeah, you see my smell caught it on the camera.
Drink a Red Bull grew win ... a stamina.
Shoutout with my boys ... they're in Canada.
I used to live there, then i move to Atlanta.
Where the girls are so hot, yeah the girls are fine too.
Catching Bieber Fever, forget this who i'm flew.
Oh, yeah, so... oh, ready?

Can not be the one, take you round town.
be the one to call when you are feeling so down.
I could be your ment, you could be my crownd.
Oh... yeah.

I'm J Bieber, first name last name.
J Bieber, check it on the pass lane.
I'm J Bieber, i'm always in the fast lane.
yeah... oh.

Tim Westwood!.

(i'm just a pop singer)